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Game of Thrones Fans, You’ll Want to Book the Night King Suite at This Ice Hotel ASAP

Of all the fantastical settings in Game of Thrones, one of the most appealing – and certainly the most hygge – is the Stark House dwelling, Winterfell. Equal parts icy and cosy (thanks to furs, roaring fires, and good company), Winterfell and its northern counterparts have always been out of our reach due to the limitations of reality vs. fiction; but now, a Finnish ice hotel is making it possible for guests to experience Winterfell, Castle Black, and icy abodes beyond the Wall. Lapland Hotels Snow Village will boast a Game of Thrones theme until it closes for the season on April 30 thanks to a partnership with HBO Nordic.

The show theme might mean you stay in a suite where a massive, sculpted White Walker watches over your bed at night, or perhaps Ghost will guard you while you sleep. Prices for the GOT “Snow Suites” range based on the number of guests, but it’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget! There are also two ice eateries inspired by the show: a restaurant and a bar. The bar has a massive, icy dragon – perhaps it’s Viserion – serving as barback, while the restaurant looks like the inside of a castle with a giant dragon’s eye peering inside.

To stay overnight at the hotel, all you need are warm, long-sleeved underwear and your personal effects. Everything else is provided for you – cosy sleeping bag and all! And there’s so much more to do than sleep and drink at the Snow Village. Just a few of the available activities include:

  • Ice sculpting classes
  • Husky safaris
  • Reindeer experiences
  • Aurora borealis snowmobile excursions

Talk about a perfect snowy vacation! Can we make it to Finland before April ends? In the meantime, check out these cool (pun intended) photos of the ice hotel all done up in its GOT best!

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