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$800k for Georgie Gardner?

Since Georgie Gardner’s confirmation she will return to Today, chatter immediately turned to her salary.

According to The Australian, Gardner will be paid a base salary of about $800,000, a lift on her current five-year deal worth about $500,000 a year.

While Nine previously confirmed the $1.8 million a year package offered to Lisa Wilkinson, which included $1.3m directly from the network, it declined to confirm Gardner’s fee. Stefanovic, meanwhile, is reportedly paid $2m a year.

There was also some observation of tension on Day 1 of the announcement, when Gardner joked that Karl was “promiscuous” with his co-hosts. Given his recent headlines it triggered a reaction from the man himself. However brekkie show subtext can sometimes work in a show’s favour too and demonstrates why Gardner will be one to keep her co-host in line.

“The Australian public know Karl very well, and they know he’s a larrikin and can be a loose cannon,” she told the newspaper.

“They know that you can expect the unexpected. I’m going into this with my eyes wide open. I’ve sat on the set with him before.

“I like him enormously. We’ve got a really strong, robust friendship where we say what we think. To me that’s just being open, honest, upfront, and authentic. I pride myself on authenticity.”

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