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Brendan O’Carroll says “the sky’s not going to fall in” with marriage equality

Brendan O’Carroll, better known as “Mammy” from Mrs. Brown’s Boys, has endorsed marriage equality for Australia saying legalised gay marriage in Ireland hasn’t been a big deal.

“The world hasn’t ended!” he tells TV Tonight.

“What I would say to Australians is, this is about a very simple thing: Should your brother or your sister have the right to fall in love with whoever they wish? Never mind the sex. Should any of us have the right to fall in love with the person that we love?

“And the answer to that is plainly yes. ”

Same sex marriage was legalised in the heavily-Catholic Ireland in 2015 following a national referendum.

“It’s about civil rights. It’s about having the same rights as everybody else. Imagine if it was against short people. I wouldn’t get anything because I’m 2 steps above a fart,” O’Carroll joked.

“It’s not a big deal.

“Since it’s been constitutionally legal in Ireland it’s been a bit of a letdown, because it’s no big deal.

“The sky’s not going to fall.”

O’Carroll was a vocal advocate for marriage equality in Ireland’s referendum, making a supportive in-character video.

“As I said in that video I wrote and performed. I do remember when a Catholic was marrying a Protestant and there was absolute uproar. Or when a black man was marrying a white woman and there was absolute uproar.

“But you know what? They still got married. The world didn’t end. And within 1 or 2 years nobody gave a shit.”

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